What could result from this industrial liberty on which so
much hope has been set, this famous principle of free competition,
that was held to be so strongly endowed with a character
of democratic organization? It could only produce
general subjugation, the collective enslavement of the masses
deprived of capital, industrial tools and instruments of labour,
as well as of education, to the class that is industrially provided
and well equipped . They say that the battleground is
open, all individuals are called to the combat, and conditions
for all are equal. Very well, but let us not forget one thing,
that on this great battlefield, there are those who are schooled,
hardened to war, armed to the teeth , and who have in their
possession a great train of supplies, material, armaments and
war machines, as well occupying all the positions, whereas
the others, deprived, naked, ignorant and hungry, are obliged,
in order to live from day to day and to provide for their wives
and children, to implore their very adversaries for work of
some kind and a meagre wage .

Victor Considerant

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