Zarathustra (Un)Vaccinated by Zlatomir Zlatanov

My translation of Zlatomir Zlatanov’s piece “Zarathustra (Un)Vaccinated”: he is a theory oracle you should all know about. (Another trans. of mine is forthcoming soon in Barricade: A Journal of Antifascism & Translation).
Снимка на Identities: Journal for Politics, Gender and Culture.
Identities: Journal for Politics, Gender and Culture

This is LOCKDOWN THEORY #24: “Zarathustra (Un)Vaccinated” by Zlatomir Zlatanov: “The indirect guilt of neoliberal biopolitics is no longer actual. In the pandemic we are the abandoned of the absent cause, in the absence of cognitive mapping as substitute of class war – both are unactual. Catastrophisms are literalisms. The symbiotic Gaia apparently still does not know what she can do as a Spinozist body in the antidote of the organless body of death. If philosophers and pathogens are locked inside the correlate, then is not the ambiguous fixism of the Great Outdoors yet another viral concubinage? We would rather ask ourselves: is there anything like the witness of the absolute visit, an intransitivity as the pathogen of correlationism?”…/IJP…/announcement/view/34

Stanimir Panayotov

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