Ето какви телеграми се разменят между германския и австрийския ген-щабове по време на ПСВ:
Германците пишат – положението е сериозно, но не и катастрофално.
На което австрийците отвръщат – положението е катастрофално, но не и сериозно.
(Вицът е на Жижек)


Why Europe is the biggest loser
Veröffentlicht am 17.01.2020 | Lesedauer: 4 Minuten
Von Slavoj Žižek

However, we should nonetheless resist the temptation to treat the ongoing epidemics as something that has a deeper meaning: the cruel but just punishment of humanity for the ruthless exploitation of other forms of life on earth or whatever…
But if we search for such a hidden message, we remain premodern: we treat our universe as a partner in communication. Even if our very survival is threatened, there is something reassuring in the fact that we are punished – the universe (or even Somebody-out-there) is looking at us… The really difficult thing to accept is the fact that the ongoing epidemics is a result of natural contingency at its purest, that it just happened and hides no deeper meaning. In the larger order of things, we are a species which doesn’t matter.


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