The views of Hölderlin and Benjamin, their embryonic, spectral philosophies
of history, sent to us like bottles to the sea, allow us to do without the
historial thesis of nihilism by Nietzsche and Heiddeger. There is no golden
age, neither before, nor after, neither Roman, nor Renaissance, nor Belle
Epoque. There is no Heavenly Jerusalem, no rosy futures, and neither is
there a non-contradictory God. All ages have been wretched, all successes
and “Civilization” have been constructed on the obnoxious ground of ultramajoritarian
existential failures and martyrdoms, and “barbarity” that is always
denounced as the opposite of the civilized world, without being amazed at the
fact that it arises only in this world, that is, in the anthropological closure. Then
only disconsolation remains, Schürmann’s, Lacoue-Labarthe’s, or mine. Yet,
even so, the energy that animates these philosophies, which know that theirs
is henceforth the most urgent task of turning the concept against that which it
is usually made to serve, the artificial paradise of the maximal Good, so that
Evil is not perpetuated with too much impunity, holds the only true glimmer
of hope. Despite appearances, only those philosophers are not desperate, for
envisaging the situation in its epochal gravity, and for being the only ones to
become aware of the means of escaping it at least partially. To limit the damage
would be already a much more significant and ethically upright victory than to
assign humanity yet one more time to the Promethean tasks of universal work
for the Good, which will result in nothing but another case of collectivized

Transgression and the Inexistent
A Philosophical Vocabulary
Mehdi Belhaj Kacem

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